The state government in the resolution adopted unanimously by the Assembly, promised to take all necessary measures to create a corruption-free AP and provide full support to the Government of India to eradicate blackmoney.
Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu, who moved the resolution, welcomed Narendra Modi government's initiatives in this regard and also suggested that the Centre should usher in economic, political and administrative reforms.
"In his first Cabinet meeting itself, Prime Minister Narendra Modi constituted a Special Investigation Team on blackmoney. Today, the Centre has written to the Swiss government seeking names of those holding bank accounts in that country. This is a decisive action by the Modi government," the Chief Minister said.

The previous Congress-led UPA government never acted on blackmoney as it was steeped in corruption.
"The Congress and the UPA government were steeped in corruption. They encouraged corruption and allowed blackmoney to become a parallel economy," Chandrababu pointed out.

“Corrupt people were stashing their money in tax haven countries while poor people in India were suffering from hunger. For some, money has become an object of greed and lust,” he remarked.    

“Even a nation-wide people's movement led by Anna Hazare could not move the then UPA government. As the then Leader of Opposition, I too took part in the agitation against blackmoney and corruption," Chandrababu recalled.
Against this backdrop, Modi government's initiatives should be welcomed whole-heartedly, the CM told the Assembly.  Otherwise, poverty eradication would not be possible, he added.

Besides bringing blackmoney back, the Centre should also initiate economic, political and administrative reforms.

"If required, currency notes of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 denominations should be banned. The US has already banned higher denomination currency," the Chief Minister said.

“Blackmoney and corruption could be controlled if all monetary transactions were made compulsory only through banks,” he added.

Asserting that seeing a corruption-free India was the Telugu Desam Party's ultimate objective, Chandrababu said that they would continue the fight in this regard.
"We will bring in laws in this regard and take every step to root out corruption," Chandrababu vowed.

Leader of Opposition YS Jaganmohan Reddy also welcomed the resolution following which it was adopted by the House unanimously.


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