The ruling TDP members, however, persisted with their demand that the Leader of Opposition tender an apology to the House for using unparliamentary language against the legislators.

The Speaker said the Opposition leader should have observed restraint in using the language in the House and, at the same time, asked the ruling party members also to be restrained.

"The ruling party members are seeking an apology. I have asked you to withdraw your remark. It will not go into the record. I leave it to your wisdom," the Speaker told Jagan.

Every member should conduct in a manner that would enhance dignity of the House, he added.

The Legislative Affairs Minister said the Opposition leader need not be egoistic and could apologise to the House or withdraw the unparliamentary remark.

"There were instances in the past when even members who were considered stalwarts withdrew their remarks if they were wrong. Even I tendered an apology to the House on an earlier occasion. There is nothing wrong in it," Yanamala observed.

But their pleas fell on deaf ears as neither the Opposition leader nor his party colleagues appeared willing to withdraw the controversial remark.

Instead, alleging the ruling party of trying to stifle their voice, the YSRC members staged a walk-out from the House.

Later when the short duration discussion on law and order resumed, TDP and BJP members launched a frontal attack on Jagan, accusing him of trying to apply terror tactics in the House.

"He is behaving like a faction leader and not the Leader of Opposition," they lashed out.

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