New Delhi: Former Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds, who had entered Bigg Boss as a guest, is exiting the reality show after a two-week stay inside the house.

The 36-year-old sportsman said it was a wonderful experience on the show and he is leaving India on Sunday to go back to his family Down Under for Christmas.

"Before entering the show it was decided I would leave in two weeks as I want to spend Christmas with my family back in Australia. It was a wonderful experience being on the show as I learnt simple things of day-to-day living," Symonds said over the phone from Mumbai.

The two-time World Cup winner said he enjoyed Indian food in the house and developed a bond with contestant Siddharth Bhardwaj.

"It was a good Indian culinary experience. I tasted chicken curry and learnt a few Indian spices.

"Though there was heavy politics in the house, I developed a bond with Siddharth as we talked a lot about cricket. I was starting to get to know Mahek (Chahal) when she left," he said.

Symonds also had an interaction with the show's host Salman Khan when the actor stepped into the house for a short while.

"He came across as a very level-headed man who was concerned about what was going inside the house. He commanded respect. His entry into the house was very refreshing since we had no contact with the outside world." (And having no contact with the world was what frustrated Symonds, more than the camera vigilance 24X7.

"I have no hang-ups being on camera for long hours since I have been exposed to it in the sports field. But not being able to walk out of the house with a big wall separating you from the world is very frustrating," he said.

Despite being a famous sportsman, Symonds said he chose to make his showbiz debut in India and not in any other country because it seemed like a natural decision.

"I have been travelling to India for so many years now for cricket. I have so many friends here, so foraying into showbiz here seemed like a natural decision," he said.

Evicted contestant Pooja Misra was sent into the house as Symonds' translator, but he said that language barrier is hardly a problem for him since he has had a long association with India.

"Pooja is a unique character, I have never met anyone like her," he said.

Now that he has already made his showbiz debut, Symonds said he is open to more offers in this segment, even acting.

"To be offered an acting job would be flattering, but I'll have to see if it is the right project for me."