According to media speculation fueled by tweets posted on Nestle’s @KitKat Twitter account, Google might unveil Android Kit-Kat on October 28.

On Tuesday, Nestle’s @KitKat had posted a picture of the Android logo along with the song ‘Everybody dance now’ which was released by C+C Music Factory earlier known as ‘The 28th Street Crew’.

A second tweet, taken as the second clue, reads: ‘This Is It’ in which the letters were made of kitkat bars. ‘This Is It’ coincidently happens to be the name of the popular Michale Jackson movie that released on October 28, 2009.

Joining the dots, people are now speculating that the latest version of Android is most likely to be launched on October 28.

Android software powers more than a billion smartphones or tablets worldwide, according to Google. Android's share of the smartphone market grew to 79.3 percent in the second quarter while that of iPhone slipped to 13.2 percent from 16.6 percent in the same three-month period last year, according to IDC figures.