Most of the devices in the market, be it tablets or mobile phones, run on Google’s Android operating system. These devices with come in every budget range, from low to high, are made by a big number of manufactures like Samsung, LG, Motorolla, etc giving consumers with a lot of options to choose from.

When it comes to Microsoft’s Windows operating system, there are fewer options to choose from as only a limited number of manufacturers make these devices and these devices mainly fall in the higher budget range.

In the tablet segment Windows tabs make use of windowsRT which is a light version of Windows 8 dedicated for tablets. As 80% of Windows phone APIs are from windows8 APIs users can easily share their code between Windows Phone and Windows 8. In case of Android, after the 3.0 version, Google added a bunch of APIs for larger screens of which the main components added were ActionBar and Fragments.

The best part about smartphones and tablets is the fact that one can download and install applications that make their smartphone and tablet experience fun and easier. For android devices there is Google's store is called Google Play which contains seven hundred thousand applications! Whereas for the windows user Microsoft offers Windows Phone Marketplace which fosters more than 130 000 applications which is a smaller number considered to Android but offers the user almost ever necessary application he or she need.