The pre-school programme is based on the Finnish National Curriculum which is considered one of the world's best education systems and is aimed at children aged between three and six.

"Behind the Angry Birds Playground educational concept is a belief that fun and play are at the very center of effective learning," Rovio said in a statement.

University of Helsinki has partnered with  U S space agency NASA, National Geographic and CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research to develop the programme.

Dreamkids Kindergarten has started advertising and expects the classes to start filling up from mid-March. Albeit, pre-school is not compulsory in Singapore but is a popular choice among parents who believe it shapes and prepares children for formal schooling and hone their social skills.

Rovio also entered into a joint venture with  Sony Pictures Entertainment for an animated feature film on Angry Birds which will be released in July 2016.