Gurgaon: Following the cancellation of Metallica show here on Saturday, the fanatic fans chose social networking sites to vent out their anger.

Terming the cancellation of the show as an embarrassing incident for the country, the fans, who were eagerly waiting for the show, demanded stringent action against the organizers.

Kruti Ahuja, on her Facebook wall posted, “This is a black spot in the history of Indian culture and sports world.” A student, Amit has posted, “At a time when we are taking pride in holding India’s first Formula one race, due to the negligence of few organizers we will also have to bear the shame of not holding the concert.”

Singing in the same tune, few of the foreign tourists have also expressed their unhappiness over the issue. A citizen from Flourida, Karla Johansan Petterson, said, “There must be some reason behind cancelling the show.”

Christine, resident of Michigan posted, “My Indian friends don’t be sad. You all are welcomed here to see the concert.”