Mumbai: Ekta Kapoor's upcoming paranormal film 'Ragini MMS' seems to be attracting controversies.

As the release date is approaching, the film is incurring the wrath of locals.

The faces of the lead actors of 'Ragini MMS' on the posters of the film were blackened at Andheri and Bandra.

Some angry residents have pulled down posters of the film at some places and also blackened the faces of the lead couple Rajkumar Yadav and Kainaz Motivala, citing vulgarity concerns.

Airport authorities has pulled down two hoardings near Santa Cruz station and few posters have been blackened in Andheri East and the Bandra lake.

This has left the Balaji team fuming. They feel someone is trying to sabotage their film.

Kainaz seems unperturbed by such actions and says, "It doesn't matter. People have loved the promos and I think they will still come and watch it."

Raj adds confidently, "I think everyone has their own perception. Hopefully this will not harm our film and people's perception will change once they watch the film."