London, Jan 19 (Jagran News Network): Anil Verma, the Indian diplomat and wife beater, has been seeking to put things right with wife Paromita after the Indian Government indicated it would take action at home refusing the UK Foreign Office’s proposal of waiving Verma’s diplomatic immunity, media reports claimed on Wednesday.

Anil Verma, the third-ranking official in the High Commission, reportedly said, "I am willing to work it out. I want to patch up."

However, the abused wife is not responding to settlement advances made by the beater husband. She had left their London home with their son without telling Anil.

"The High Commission has been informed that a decision has been taken by the government to transfer Anil Verma and his family to India at the earliest," said a high commission spokesman adding, "The high commission further sought assistance of UK's Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) to facilitate their early return."

Now, the responsibility is on the FCO to ensure that Verma, his wife, children and other dependents, in UK on diplomatic passports, return to India concurrently. The FCO has not responded to the high commission and there is no indication which way the British home ministry will go on Paromita's representation, added the reports.