The 53-year-old actor will be seen in his television production '24', a suspense drama based on the American series of the same name.
"I have tried to do out of the box things which are risky, which have a possibility of failing miserably. But I enjoy it when people make fun of me as it helps me work even harder," Kapoor said.
"TV has got the largest reach. I don't know how many years it is going to last. Now even internet is catching up. We have to pull up our socks as everything is going to be watched on the internet," he said.
Even megastar Amitabh Bachchan is coming on TV with a fiction show and Kapoor is quite happy about it. "His coming on a show makes my stand of being in this show ('24') even stronger," Kapoor said.
It was the format of the show that drew Kapoor to make it in India. "When I was in US doing '24', I had made up my mind to bring this iconic show to India. I felt this show is relevant in our country today. We wrote an email and negotiated with the concerned officials. I am glad it happened," Kapoor said.
The actor is thankful to Colors channel for partnering with him in taking this programme to the masses. For the Indian version of the show, Anil said that the challenge was to get the same kind of aesthetics, scale and performance.


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