Mumbai: Buzz is that Anil Kapoor is upset with Aamir Khan for poking fun at him in his item song in Delhi Belly.

When Khan had launched his disco item number, he said that for the track he had taken inspiration from various yesteryears' actors, including Anil Kapoor for his hirsute look ('Anil inspires Aamir')

An industry insider informed that initially Anil wasn't aware of being poked fun at as he wasn't in the city when Aamir unveiled the song ‘I hate you like I love you’ last week. However, his family and friends haven't taken the Delhi Belly producer's banter too well.

It's not a joke

At the meet, Mr Perfectionist had said, "The hairstyle is borrowed from Amitji, (Amitabh Bachchan), the dancing moves are inspired from Rishiji (Rishi Kapoor), Mithunda (Mithun Chakraborty) and Govinda, and the chest hair is inspired by Anil Kapoor."

Although Aamir was quick to say that he hoped Anil didn't mind his joking ways, it seems to have cut no ice with Kapoor family and friends.

A friend expressed shock saying, "Aamir may say he's just joking and he's sure it will be taken sportingly, but it's not done to demean Anil considering his caliber and achievements. It's certainly not in good taste."

A script writer who did not wish to be named, said, "Anil wasn't in the city when Aamir launched his song. But when he heard about it in Toronto, where he was attending an award ceremony, he certainly didn't seem to be taking it as lightly as Aamir expected."