Mumbai: Actor Anil Kapoor is keen on acting in a movie that deals with the issue of human trafficking.
Kapoor has been serving as an ambassador of CNN's Freedom Project that is slated to release a documentary on human trafficking.
The documentary titled 'Trapped by Tradition' sees Kapoor going to Bharatpur, a small district in Rajasthan, meeting the villagers and trying to know how girls and women are sold into the sex trade.
In an interview, Kapoor said, "There are two scripts, one from an international director and the other from an Indian that I have come across. The human trafficking issue will be in the backdrop. I would be interested and love to be part of such a film as an actor."

"But I feel it should be made as a mainstream film like there should be a leading director and actor so that it will reach out to more audiences. Also, it would make it more understandable and watchable for the masses. And this would make a difference if a known face is attached to it," he said.
The actor has been associated with this issue for several years and feels if such a film project comes up then it would make a difference in the society.
"I am waiting for a proper script. Though I was thrown away with the research done by the writer and director. Since it is a sensitive issue I feel it should be dealt with care," Kapoor said.