Los Angeles: Anil Kapoor will next be seen in financial thriller ‘Cities’ opposite Hollywood star Clive Owen after sharing screen space with Tom Cruise in 'Mission Impossible 4'.

The Roger Donaldson directed project will be launched at the upcoming Cannes film festival's market and some parts of the movie will be shot in Mumbai.

The film is being described as a cautionary tale about greed and ambition that takes place on a global scale in three colliding story lines set in the exuberant months leading up to the Dow Jones all-time stock market high, the Hollywood Reporter said.

The three involve a New York-based hedge fund manager (Owen) who has everything he wants - money, sex and power -but he wants more; a young couple in London that just wants to buy their first home, something that seems impossibly out of reach; and a Mumbai cop, who fights against corruption between property speculators and his colleagues, one of whom will be played by Kapoor.

Donaldson co-wrote the script from an original script titled 'Extreme Cities', written by Glenn Wilhide. They are planning to begin shooting the movie in October in London, Mumbai and New York.