"Inspired by the role of Anil Kapoor in the film ‘Nayak’, I inaugurated more than 1,800 schemes on a single day but this action was not to influence voters but a well thought exercise for the development of Uttarakhand as financial arrangements for more than 1,600 schemes out of them have already been made," said Rawat, who was in Kotdwar to appeal to the voters to vote in favour of Congress candidates.
Rawat said that he launched hundreds of schemes on a single day much like the hero of a popular Bollywood movie who becomes the Chief Minister just for one day. Rawat further said that he did not want the election schedule and the Model Code of Conduct to clash with his agenda of development in the state, which is in need of repair and reconstruction post the floods.

Drawing generously from cricketing terminology to explain the hurry with which the schemes were launched, Rawat said that he was going about it like a cricketer plays a T-20 match.
"In view of the proximity of the polls, I did not have much time in my hands and I played it like a 20-20 match. I even took recourse to ‘helicopter shots’ of Mahendra Singh Dhoni to implement the development schemes in quick succession," he said.
With little time at his disposal as poll schedules were to be announced soon which would have put a restriction on implementation of development schemes, Rawat explained that he had to hurry soon to inaugurate the development projects after he was sworn-in as the Chief Minister on February 1.

Admitting that some of his colleagues were initially unhappy with the delay in distribution of portfolios, the Chief Minister said that he kept most portfolios with him for more than a month as he wanted quick implementation of the schemes, which would otherwise have been delayed due to multiplicity of authorities.
"Now my colleagues understand that I used helicopter shots not for any other reason but for development," he said.


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