The responsibility of nurturing the new look team is 'Jumbo' and Kumble has only 365 days to prove his efficiency. He will be facing the challenge of improving overseas record of India as the team is still trying to find a friendly ground outside the boundaries of its nation, and the fact that it hasn't won a Test match outside the subcontinent in last five years is a testament to this fact.

There are arguments as to why Ravi Shastri would have made for a better choice. He has a decent 20 month experience of handling the team and individual talents. Moreover, he seems to have an amazing command over aspects like training and off-the-field behaviour of players. What failed him, though, was the team's miserable overseas record under his mentorship.

According to reports, Kumble's plan of revival of overseas performance won him the brownie points.
India is scheduled to play 17 Tests in 2016, four of which are against West Indies and 13 against Australia, New Zealand, and England collectively. The rookies, led by young skipper Virat Kohli, will be visiting West Indies next month for a seven week tour and this will be the start of many new innings, both literal and metaphorical. Kumble will try to strike a chord with the team and learn their ways so that another 10  months of his tenure are as glorious as his stint as the key player of the team.

All the power to our Jumbo Jet as India looks for many more laudable triumphs, ala the broken jaw-like heroism!

By: Ira Shukla

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