New Delhi: Anjali Damania, the new poster girl of Arvind Kejriwal led India Against Corruption, found herself at the receiving end of some tough questions. According to a leaked information, Damania had written a letter to Maharashtra Irrigation department some time back seeking relocation of a proposed dam by about 500-700 metres to save her 30 acres of land which was presumebly going to be submerged in the dam water.

In that letter, she had written – “Beyond 700 metres, there is no private land, and it will only be Adivasi land and we are sure they will be adequately compensated.”

If sources are to be believed, Dmania had approached BJP chief Natin Gadkari for the purpose. Acting to her rescue, Gadkari had witten a letter to the concerned department but his letter was ignored. Furthermore, when she went back to Gadkari to seek help in filing a PIL in Maharashtra irrigation scam, Gadkari refused to help, which led her to target Gadkari.

It is believed that Damania had her own land issue which is a reason behind her onslaught on Gadkari.

The BJP too has dubbed it is a case of personal vengeance.

Earlier on Wednesday, the IAC activist targeted Gadkari accusing him of receiving favours of Maharashtra government by getting around 100 acres of agriculture land in Maharashtra after the Congress-NCP government tweaked norms in favour of BJP chief.


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