New Delhi: RTI activist and India Against Corruption (IAC) member Anjali Damania on Tuesday said that BJP chief Nitin Gadkari would be the next person to be exposed before the public.

Damania said IAC would be exposing Gadkari's silence.

"Gadkari's name cropped up twice earlier. He is linked to the coalgate in some or the other way and then he refused to help expose the irrigation scam (in Maharashtra). Being the president of the opposition party, it is his responsibility to expose the scam," said Damania.

"And why he does not want to do it, we would be bringing this forward. We would be exposing why Nitin Gadkari's doesn't say anything," she added.

Damania alleged that the scams are taking place because all the political parties are linked to it.

"The opposition party does not want to expose it because all of them (all parties) are together. And this is what that we would be exposing in tomorrow's press conference," she said.

Damania also hit out at Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh, saying India Against Corruption neither works for the Congress, BJP or any other party.

"We are working for the country. Digvijay Singh said yesterday in various news channels that we (India Against Corruption) are BJP's 'A' party and Baba Ramdev is 'B' party. I just want to ask him when Arvind has made it clear that we are going to expose BJP's president, despite that if he talks in such a manner then it is extremely sad," she said.


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