Bhopal: In the suicide case of Flying Officer Anjali Gupta, the Air Force Group Captain Amit Gupta may be released on Monday. Amit was lodged in Bhopal Central jail for abetting his wife Anjali to commit suicide.

Amit Gupta was granted bail by Jabalpur High Court two days earlier.

Justice NK Gupta of Jabalpur High Court had granted bail to him but due to delay in the bail orders reaching Bhopal jail, he could not be released.

According to the jail officials, his bail orders are expected to be received on Monday after which Amit will be allowed to walk free.

Anjali had hanged herself at Amit’s house in Shahpura on September 13. A case was filed against her husband Amit for encouraging her to commit suicide. Since then, he was in custody.

For the record, Flying Officer Anjali Gupta was the first women to face court martial. After her suicide, the Air Force had also suspended Amit.