New Delhi: Following Congress leader Digvijay Singh's scathing attack on social activist Anna Hazare, leaders of all other political parties have reinforced their assail on the Gandhian. Congress has fired attacks directly as well as indirectly on him time and again.

After Digvijay Singh, the Congress spokespersons have fired verbal salvos at Hazare on the issue of Lokpal Bill while BJP and SP leaders are also trying to hog the limelight by being a party to the attack.

Speaking on the list of demands by Hazare and his civil society for provisions in the Lokpal bill, Cabinet Minister of the Ministry of Water Resources and Minority Affairs, Salman Khurshid said, “Even before the meeting, such a long line should not be drawn as it might result in blockade of all roads leading to solution.” Khurshid is also a member of the committee to draft a stringent anti-graft Lokpal Bill.

He added, “All of us should attend the Lokpal bill meeting with an open mind. The references and obligations are known to all. Our attempt should be the drafting of a Lokpal bill which is acceptable to all.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, Mohan Prakash, member of Congress Working Committee and party in-charge of many states said, “Before raising questions on the country’s reliable leadership, one's own reliability should be proved.”

Following suit, Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari said, “No one should resort to any kind of democracy weakening act.” Though he made this statement without naming Hazare, his intentions to attack the latter was quite evident when he said the huge turnout on Wednesday's Assembly polls held across four states show that people strongly believe in the nation's democratic power. “Political workers are the true steersman of a democratic system,” he added.

Continuing his scathing remarks on the Gandhian for a second day, Digvijay Singh said, “Anna has praised the Chief Minister of such a state who has not been able to appoint a single Lokayukta in Gujarat in the past seven years. Moreover, he has been accused of stirring religious riots in the state.”

Strongly condemning Hazare’s comments on Indian voters accusing them of voting for cash and alcohol, he said this is a huge insult on Indian democracy and its voters.

BJP too has joined the league of Anna's critics. In a sarcastic comment, BJP president of Madhya Pradesh unit Prabhat Jha said, “Corruption in the country cannot be dealt with by just lighting candles in different parts of the country in support of Hazare. He is not a University or an academic institution to issue character certificates to political leaders.”

Going a step further, Samajwadi Party has even raised questions on the committee constituted for drafting of Lokpal bill. SP leader Mohan Singh, in a letter to Shanti Bhushan who is a key member of the committee and a former law minister, raised doubts about his capability to play any role in drafting of the bill.

Targeting Hazare, Mohan said, “The founding member of this committee has never even been to a mass court.”