New Delhi: Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare on Tuesday renewed his attack on MPs, asking who was responsible for not passing the Lokpal bill despite its introduction eight times.

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In reply to a question raised by several politicians that it would be the Parliament that would pass the bill, Hazare said in his blog that citizens had the right to ask questions from politicians.

"I agree that laws are made in the Lok Sabha. But despite being introduced eight times in the Lok Sabha, why was the Lokpal bill not passed," asked Hazare.

"Politicians are servants of people who elect and send them to parliament to make laws. It is the citizen's right to ask their servants why the Jan Lokpal bill is not being passed," he added.

Hazare further said that India being a democracy, the government should consult the citizens when making laws -- like in the case of Jan Lokpal bill.

"Such bills should be put on the internet and opinions and suggestions of the people should be sought which should then be presented before the Parliament," said Hazare."It is the government's responsibility to take into consideration the opinions of learned people of the society," he added.

The Lok Sabha is likely to consider a censure motion against Hazare and his team members, asking them to refrain from using derogatory language against members of the Parliament.

On Monday, many MPs asked the speaker to move a resolution condemning what they said were unsavoury remarks by members of Hazare's team at their renewed anti-corruption agitation here on Sunday. The man in the eye of the storm is Arvind Kejriwal, who had said that the Parliament was facing a credibility crisis with 162 MPs facing criminal charges. He said some MPs were thieves and rapists.