Actress Anna Friel believes that scrubbing the face well with a cloth daily is the best way to achieve flawless complexion.

The “Look of Love” actress says the regime dramatically helps her in improving her skin, reported a website.

Quizzed about her daily beauty regime, she said, "Most days it can be as simple as washing my face and moisturizing. I always use a face cloth. I don't think there's a better or simple device for daily exfoliation."

The 36-year-old beauty admits she doesn't have a specific secret for maintaining her glamorous looks, but credits good habits such as eating healthy and avoiding the sun.

"There's no secret. It sounds boring but I really just focus on the basics - drinking lots of water, eating healthily, getting enough sleep and not exposing my skin too much to sun. I'm naturally quite a freak so I've always been really strict with sun care,” she said.