Anna said that Arvind Kejriwal could become Chief Minister one day and warned Congress that people will teach a lesson to it in the Lok Sabha elections.
Hazare, who had refused to campaign for Kejriwal's party, said that he is happy with AAP's performance in the Delhi elections where Sheila Dikshit served as Chief Minister for 15 years.
"Delhi is the Centre of politics of country's politics. It is not an easy task to defeat a government which is ruling there with just a broom in hand. The old parties have a lot of money. I feel happy that in such a situation, his party has emerged victorious and got 24 seats," Hazare told reporters when asked about AAP's performance.
At the same time, he cautioned Kejriwal against allying with any other party saying, "If an alliance government (Khichdi sarkar) is made, then it is of no use. In such a government, corruption rules the roost. He should not take the support (of any other party). If it is not possible to form a government, fresh elections should be held."

Delhi polls: AAP's performance surprising, says BJP
The Gandhian said that people voted for Kejriwal's party as they felt it will be more concerned about them and hailed what they have done.
"One day he will become Chief Minister on the strength of his party workers," Hazare said about Kejriwal.     

He criticized the Congress, which has fared badly in other Assembly polls as well, and said, "Congress was in power for at least 50 years. What was impossible for it? Why did they not bring good laws on Right to reject, Lokpal, Right to Recall."
Hazare said that Congress makes rules like allowing one to contest from jail while not caring to make good laws.
"If Congress does not mend its ways even after this, then people will teach it more such lessons in the Lok Sabha elections," Hazare said.
Defending his decision not to campaign for Kejriwal and AAP, he said, "It is a party and so it is difficult for me (to campaign). I do not campaign for any political party."


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