Patna: Social activist Anna Hazare on Wednesday launched country-wide 'Vyawastha Parivartan' (change in system) programme from Patna's Gandhi Maidan where a mass rally named ‘Jantantra Rally’ is being held.

Earlier, Hazare was welcomed by hundreds of his supporters at the airport on Tuesday when he arrived ahead of his 'Jantantra' rally.

Hazare said that Patna has been chosen to follow the legacy of JP's (as Narayan was popularly known) anti-corruption movement and to fulfill his dream of total revolution.

He announced that after the Patna rally, he will visit other states in February and March to create awareness among people and to unite them for bringing change in the system in the country.

'JP dreams remain unfullfilled'

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar supported peoples agitation against ills in the system and agreed with anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare that the dream of Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan had remained unfullfilled.

"Many things which were part of 1974 JP's 'Sampoorna Kranti' like provision for right to recall elected representatives could not be achieved," Kumar, himself a product of JP movement, told reporters after paying respects to Mahatma Gandhi on Martyrs Day.

"The fight remains incomplete," the CM said.

Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare is holding 'Jantantra rally' at Gandhi Maidan here today for 'Vyawastha Parivartan' (change in system).

Kumar said by staying at Charkha Samiti residence of JP, Hazare has touched the peoples' sentiment. "He has done a very good work (by staying at JP residence)."

The Bihar CM, who had actively participated in the JP movement of 1974 as a student leader, said the total revolution of the Loknayak achieved landmark success in throwing out Congress from power at that time.

Kumar said governments have their limitations and many things can be done easily because of peoples movement.

Irregularities in the system cannot change without public stir, he said "Nobody dared to ask for bribe during JP movement ... But today despite all remedial measures instances of corruption keep coming.

UPA cheating people on Lokpall Bill

Unhappy over delay in the Parliament passing the Lokpal Bill, Anna Hazare on Tuesday accused the Congress-led UPA government of cheating him and people.

"The central government has been cheating us over the issue (passing the Lokpal Bill)," Hazare said.

In reference to United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chairperson Sonia Gandhi's letter to him in which she promised that the Lokpal Bill will be passed in coming session of the Parliament, Hazare said that there was nothing new in the letter.

"I have been assured through letters for last two years that Lokpal Bill will be passed soon but it is yet to pass," he said.

Hazare claimed that the government had no intention of ending corruption. "The government's intention is not clear on this issue," he said.

IAC gives one lakh Gandhi caps for Jantantra rally

India Against Corruption (IAC) gave one lakh trademark Gandhi caps with 'I am Anna' written on them to supporters from different parts of Bihar to attend the rally.

"We will also give the Gandhi caps to people who come for the rally by charging Rs.10. The caps will be given for free to those who can't pay for it," IAC member Sudama Singh said.

"We are charging the token amount to cover the cost of the caps," he said. Singh said that one lakh such caps were being sewn by hundreds of women self-help groups in Patna, Bhojpur, Muzaffarpur and other districts in Bihar.

According to IAC members, hundreds of students, women and old people have purchased the caps in bulk to distribute them. This would be the first mass anti-corruption rally of the Gandhian after splitting from Arvind Kejriwal.


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