New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Friday fired a fresh salvo at Team Anna saying Hazare is losing his credibility with his conflicting utterances on the Lokpal issue and claimed Hazare's campaign against Congress in Uttar Pradesh will have "zero" impact.

"Anna is losing his credibility gradually by making such statements. One day he says that defeat Congress. The second day he says I am not against any party but against corrupt candidate. Next days he says, I am going to campaign against the Congress party. He should make up his mind first and think before he says something," Singh told reporters here.

He was reacting to Hazare's declaration on Friday that he will campaign against Congress in five states where Assembly elections are due next year if the UPA government fails to get the Jan Lokpal Bill passed in the Winter Session of Parliament.
"It will have zero impact in UP," said Singh when asked how much Team Anna's campaign can affect Congress in UP. He said that Hazare should sit back silently and wait till the Winter session, when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, himself, had assured him to bring the bill in this session.

Singh also took a jibe at Arvind Kejriwal over his letter to the Prime Minister on returning his service dues and said the activist's efforts to seek "martyrdom" will not succeed.
"Kejriwal is presenting this matter in a way that injustice was meted out to him. He filled up the bond form, it was he, who did not fulfill its conditions....There is no question of any martyrdom in this, which he is unnecessarilty trying to create around. This halo will not last," Singh said.