Bhubaneswar: Anna Hazare on Thursday said his goal and that of Arvind Kejriwal was the same while announcing support for the Aam Admi Party, but made it clear, he would campaign for AAP candidates only after scrutinising them.

"Raste do hai, lekin manzil ek. Arvind and I have adopted different paths, but our goal is one," Hazare said here. The Gandhian, however, made it clear that he would campaign for selected AAP candidates.

"I will scrutinise details of candidates before campaigning for them. I have told Arvind to select good people for his party," Hazare stressed. He said though India had achieved Independence, another struggle was required to bring real freedom.

"White British people have left India, a section of black Indians continue to exploit the common man. We need another struggle," he said. Stating that he did not believe, there would be any overnight change, he said, "We need to prepare for a long struggle. It may require about 15 years to 20 years."

He identified youths as those who would bring real change as in Vietnam and Indonesia. "The youths who struggle for change need to be prepared for facing 'lathis and golis' besides developing tolerance to be humiliated," Hazare said.

Calling on the people to take up corruption issues, Hazare said "I have taken six wickets (six cabinet ministers) and many officials. You must take at least one wicket each which will be a warning for the corrupt." Hazare said he was planning a nation-wide tour from January and would campaign for good people who wanted to do something for the common man.

On his campaign for a strong Jan Lokpal Bill, Hazare said: "If our Jan Lokpal Bill is introduced in toto, it will reduce corruption by about 65 percent in the country. But the government has brought a diluted Bill to fight corruption."

Besides a strong Lokpal, a bill on the right to recall, empowerment of gram sabhas and three other Bills could bring down corruption by 95 percent."But the people in power will not bring such Bills," he said.

Later addressing students of a private engineering college, Hazare said the young generation should play an active role in elections and contest polls.

The Gandhian who was given a rousing welcome on his arrival here expressed displeasure over India Against Corruption members jostling to be photographed with him. "I would have never come here, had I any idea about the IAC activists' craze for being photographed with me," he said.


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