Indore: Social activist Anna Hazare demanded that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should step down from his post, accepting "moral responsibility" for the coal blocks allocation scam.
"The picture is very clear in the coal scam. The truth of the scam is coming out, so Manmohan Singh should not continue as Prime Minister. He should resign accepting moral responsibility (for the scam)," he said at Press Club.
To a question, the anti-corruption crusader said, "It is absolutely wrong to say that I am against Congress. I have nothing to do with either BJP or Congress. But my question is why BJP did not oppose the coal scam in Parliament in a forceful way?"
On Gujarat Chief Narendra Modi being branded a "communal" leader in certain quarters, the Gandhian said, "I have not come across any evidence suggesting that Modi is a communal leader. But why to talk of Modi or Rahul Gandhi, the fact is as long as the Prime Minister is affiliated to a political party, the country won't get the right leadership."
"The right Prime Minister can be elected only through a direct election by the people," he said. Hazare said he would not support the Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Admi Party as it too is a political outfit.
Asked whether India too can witness a people's uprising like in Egypt, Hazare said, "If the Government crosses certain limits and remains oblivious to people's problems, the country may move towards the path of non-violent revolution."


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