New Delhi:  Social activist Anna Hazare on Wednesday came to the defence of Ramdev over his comments that MPs were devils in the form of humans, saying whatever the Yoga Guru had said "is not wrong".

Ramdev stoked a controversy by launching a virulent attack on MPs calling them "satans in the form of humans" who are "dacoits and murderers".

"There is one thing that whatever Ramdev has said is not wrong. If it is wrong, there is proof against so many people on Wednesday. When parties give tickets, why they give it to tainted people," Hazare asked.

"Parties only think of votes, they don't care if the candidate they are fielding is a criminal. What will happen to the temple of democracy if such people enter it," he said.

Addressing the media while launching his month-long yatra in Chhattisgarh's Durg on Wednesday, Ramdev had said, "They are those people who don't care, who don't love the farmers, the labourers or the people of this country.

"They are friends and slaves of money. They are illiterate, dacoits and murderers. They are devils in the form of humans, who we have elected for those posts," Ramdev said.

He said there are good people among Parliamentarians and he respects them. "But there are dacoits, murderers, illiterates among them. We have to save the Parliament. We have to remove corrupt people," Ramdev added.