New Delhi: Clearing his stand on speculations revolving around his entry into politics, veteran social activist Anna Hazare said he plans to extend his support to any honest candidature contesting for Lok Sabha election. Hazare, who has faced continuous rejections and denials from the Union Government on the Jan Lokpal Bill, announced that he has no intentions to form a new political party or have any interest to support a political figure.

The Gandhian in an exclusive interview to Dainik Jagran said that his support will not be limited to the Jan Lokpal Bill. When asked about his plans to intervene in the current electoral system Hazare said, “By not voting for corrupt people would serve the purpose of fighting against corruption. The movement was first experimented during elections in Maharashtra. I had even suggested names of a few candidates for the election whom I extended support. Out of the twelve suggested names, eight candidates even won the elections.”

Hazare, who is neither against any political party nor the parliamentary system, made it clear that he has no ambition to create a Parliament of his choice. He however, asserted that a large number of honest people are unable to enter politics and feels that the movement that was first experimented in Maharashtra cannot be implemented nation-wide.

When asked, if favouring any particular candidate would give rise to controversies against him, Anna said, “I do not expect anything from the people I support. I am also not afraid of any recrimination. I would just request the candidate of a certain area to respect the feelings of people of his area and work accordingly.”

Refuting the allegation that every MP is corrupt Anna said, “An honest MP in any party should put a pressure on the leadership to ensure a corruption-free state.”

(JPN/ Bureau)

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