Varanasi: Anna Hazare on Wednesday said he will re-launch his agitation in Delhi if the government fails to bring a strong Lokpal law before 2014 and he will then focus on getting 'Right to Reject' for the people.
The Gandhian, who is on a two-day visit here along with Former Army Chief V K Singh, said this while addressing a youth meet organised by student organisation of Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth.
"If the central government does not bring Lokpal soon, I will go on Satyagraha again at the Ramlila ground in New Delhi," he said.
The social activist said that after Lokpal, he plans to rally for a legislation to enact 'Right to Reject'.
Hazare said though the government had gained independence in 1947, the country still was plagued by corruption, hooliganism and loot and there was need to eliminate such features of Indian politics.
Addressing the youth, Hazare urged them to stand against such evils and join in the second fight for freedom.
"The youth can change our country for good. If the youth wants to bring change, nothing can stop them," he said.
Hazare also said that at age of 26, he had come at a crossroad when he had made all plans to commit suicide but then changed his mind and began serving the nation.
"I had decided to commit suicide when I was 26 but changed my decision and decided to give my life to the country," he told the students gathered.
It was this decision that also made him sacrifice marriage and family life, he said, however adding that he did not encourage others to follow his path.
Hazare also provided students with SMS numbers to contact them and said that they were planning on the lines of providing training to youth who plan to join their agitation.


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