New Delhi: Social activist Anna Hazare has decided to launch an all-India tirade against corruption. The decision is aimed at building up pressure on the government for making a powerful Lokpal.

Anna Hazare had set August 15 deadline for ratification of Lokpal Bill. Anna had threatened to launch his movement if the government failed to meet the deadline. 

However, those related with ‘India Against Corruption’ are not convinced that their wishes on Lokpal would be fulfilled easily, and hence the need to mobilise the masses against corruption, government machinery and the political leadership of the country.

According to Manish Shisodiya, an active member of ‘India Against Corruption’, Anna would formally start the countrywide stir on April 23 from Varanasi. Later he would mobilise common man in Sultanpur and Lucknow on April 30 and May 1, respectively.

During these programmes, emphasis would also be on taking into account the suggestions and opinions of other members of civil society. Ground work for the movement has already started. Several NGOs and members of civil society would be a part of the anti-corruption movement. The only major block left out of the process would be political parties.

Replying to a question as to why Uttar Pradesh was chosen to expand the anti-corruption movement, Shisodiya said,  “The next meeting of the drafting committee is fixed for May 2. Uttar Pradesh is close to Delhi. Therefore, it was decided to expand the agitation from here. In the next phase the movement would be taken over to the block level in Western Uttar Pradesh as well.”