New Delhi: Raising concern over the development of rural India, Anna Hazare on Tuesday said that he would strive to make at least 100 villages self-reliant on the lines of his native village Ralegan Siddhi along with continuing his fight against corruption.

For this purpose, he said he himself would select volunteers from all across the country and impart training to them after which they will be sent to different villages. He also sought industrialists’ help in developing 100 model villages to fight corruption.

"From among these, we will have to choose people with good character. We will have to send our trusted people to do their inspection. Along with selection, we will also have to train them,” he said

Anna said, "Leadership training will have to be imparted to volunteers interested in creating model villages. It will be a three months training. It is necessary to generate two leaders per village."

Re-entering into blogosphere, Anna in his blog said, "I believe that curbing corruption and creating ideal villages will provide a new direction to the country. I strongly believe that if activists, who have experience in village development provide the necessary guidance, it could help set the direction for the future of India."

He said, “If you want proper development of the country, firstly we need to curb corruption. To achieve this, we are working for strong anti-corruption laws like the Jan Lokpal bill."

“Simultaneously, we also have to develop 100 model villages in different parts of India," Hazare said.

(JPN/ Bureau)