New Delhi: Stepping up attack against Team Anna, Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Sunday said Anna Hazare is being "ungrateful" to RSS over the outfit's alleged support to the anti-corruption agitation.

"Baba Ramdev is being more honest about the support of RSS to their campaign. Haven't understood why Anna is denying. Ungrateful ?," Singh said in his latest Tweet.

On Saturday, the AICC General Secretary had attacked spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for releasing a book written by BJP President Nitin Gadkari, while a few days back he had said that BJP coming to support of Arvind Kejriwal in latter's spat with Swami Agnivesh, proves his contentions right that BJP and RSS were supporting Kejriwal.

Singh had earlier cautioned Sri Sri that RSS and BJP were trying to use him as their Plan-C after the Plan-A (Baba Ramdev) and Plan-B (Anna Hazare).

"BJP comes to defence of Kejriwal. Doesn't that proves me right? Complete nexus between RSS/BJP and Kejriwal. Anna ki Jai Ho", Digvijay had tweeted after the controversy kicked up surrounding alleged transfer of funds meant for India Against Corruption to Kejriwal's trust.

Swami Agnivesh had attacked Kejriwal over the issue, but BJP later come to his defence.