New Delhi: After witnessing the world Cup 2011 victory extravaganza, India Gate has once again become witness to another historic event when thousands of people, keeping aside their cast and creed, turned up at India Gate on Saturday evening to celebrate the victory of Anna Hazare.

The social activist had been fasting for the past five days demanding Lokpal Bill against corruption.

When Anna Hazare broke his fast on Saturday morning, a wave of happiness spread among the people who were present at Jantar Mantar.

In the evening a huge crowd gathered at India Gate for a candlelight vigil to rejoice their "first victory'' over corruption.

People were seen holding national flag and shouting slogans of ‘It’s our win. Fight will continue’. While a group of young crowd was singing the national anthem, others were busy in presenting street plays.

People could be seen hoisting the tricolour. This enthusiasm of the young generation has proved that this is just a mere beginning of their fight against corruption which will continue.