New Delhi: "I am not the biggest hero, Anna (Hazare) is the real hero," said superstar Aamir Khan on Saturday as he pledged support to the activist's fight for a strong anti- corruption law.
Khan's remarks at Ramlila Maidan came as a key Hazare aide Kumar Viswas described the actor as the biggest hero of the country who has lent his support to the movement.
Regaling Hazare's supporters by singing "Mitwaa..." from his super hit movie 'Lagaan', Khan requested the 74-year-old activist to call off his fast as they needed him for leading the countrymen in further struggle.
"I request you to end your fast because we understand that it is a process and Parliament must debate the bill," he said.
"This is the first episode of the struggle. The climax would be when we get the strong Lokpal bill," Aamir, who "knows what Jan Lokpal Bill is and the differences between it and other versions," said.
He said people should approach their MPs "whom we have elected" and ask them to support Hazare's version of the bill.
"I will meet my MP Priya Dutt and tell her please support the Jan Lokpal bill. I would say that every Indian must ask their MPs to support this bill. Our eyes are on them," he said.
Khan also spoke with Dr Naresh Trehan, who had come to examine Hazare, and enquired about his health.

"I have no doubt in my mind that we'll get a strong Lokpal Bill. However, we need to decide as to how we are going to live our lives... Will we give or accept bribes? Will we say no to corruption in our lives," Khan said.
"It's high time every one of us said no to any kind of corruption. Our actions will determine whether India becomes a corruption-free country or not," the actor said.
When asked by Kiran Bedi if Bollywood would lend its support to the anti-corruption movement when needed, Khan said, "Not only Bollywood, every Indian is with Anna Hazare in his fight against corruption. We will fully support him when needed".
Director Raju Hirani said he had never imagined that a day would come when the whole country would stand up against corruption.
"It has become possible because of Anna and I have come here to salute him," he said, adding that "we need you (Anna) in this battle against corruption... Please break your fast and stay with us."

Sonu Niigaam supports Anna
Singer Sonu Niigaam also reached Ramlila Maidan to treat Anna Hazare with music though he "does not know much" about Jan Lokpal Bill for which the Gandhian is protesting.
Niigaam, 38, came to the protest venue this morning to pledge his support to Hazare and sang his hit numbers, including 'mera rang de basanti', and Mahatma Gandhi's favourite hymn 'Vaishnav Janate'.

For 30 minutes, the singer performed at the ground to loud cheers of Hazare supporters.
"My mother told me that an old man is fasting and so I came to treat him with music. He is not taking food and so it is the best thing to do from my side," Niigaam said.
"I don't know much about the bill. Anna and you (supporters) want peace and I bow before you," he said.