Anna Hazare has again plunged into political hurly-burly. It is natural there could be hiccups over Anna’s announcement if he urges people not to vote for the Congress if Jan Lokpal Bill is not adopted in the forthcoming winter session of the Parliament. Albeit Anna’s statement is tantamount to the pressure being created on the Central establishment for Jan Lokpal Bill, the Congress comes directly in the line of fire. Anna Hazare’s statement may give rise undue advantage to the Congress’ adversaries, so the party leaders feel that Anna’s proposition has got political overtone. With this announcement, Anna has started peddling politics whereas the Gandhian firmly declines any link with ruling-opposition party. Though Anna wants to keep equal distance from all parties and paints all of them with the same brush as far as the concern for bridling the corruption matters, how is it he can make an appeal to people not to vote for the Congress? He should rethink over his words, lest the message will reach that he is also following the footprints of Baba Ramdev who had launched the movement against the black money issue but failed to give a shape to it due to lack of public support. However, Anna is apprehensive of introducing the Bill in the winter session of the Parliament, but it is learnt the Congress is equally concerned of putting forth the Bill on the floor as the Opposition wants. It would be wise that Anna should nudge all political parties to throw their weight behind the Bill. It cannot be ignored that non-Congress leaders have also tried not to let the Lokapl system come into being for the last 42 years.

Fair enough, the Congress has ruled the most in the last four decades, but it is not so that the Opposition parties have not got an opportunity to set up Lokpal system. In fact, both the Congress and BJP showed their apathy towards making strong Lokpal. Anna should wait till the winter session of the Parliament begins on, because the discussion to bring in more anti-corruption bill in this session has been taking place. Anna too is convinced with the point of the ruling party that only Lokpal would not be enough to checkmate graft and sleaze. If the government does not work on tabling Lokpal Bill and other anti-corruption measures in the coming winter session, it would be obvious that its intentions are not clear, nevertheless it is premature to say the ruling party does not have earnest for keeping its promises. Anna’s announcement is not in consonance with time but it does make the Congress-led government serious about it. Team Anna must learn that their principal strength being apolitical can only pull huge waves of support. This strength must be preserved in order to prove  beneficial for him and society as well.