Hazare said that it seems that good days are about to commence. The Gandhian leader said that Kejriwal has deviated from his path and started believing that he can become Prime Minister.

Talking to the media, Anna said that Modi government has put forward a hopeful picture for the future and this is giving an impression that the government is quite serious towards the promises made by it.  

The veteran anti-graft activist also said that he would closely monitor the performance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Council of Ministers for the coming four-six months and if the government fails to stand tall on its promises, a nationwide revolution would be launched.

Modi drew special appreciation from Anna on the fact that he asked his ministers not to appoint their relatives as Personal Assistant.

Anna also said that the way the new government said that it would also take the views and opinions of people into consideration gives a message that it has a vision.

He also said that a government with absolute majority, in place of a coalition government, can function in a better way and contribute more to the development of nation.

Anna also said that the people of the country are fed-up with corruption and in such a situation, the government, by constituting a SIT on  blackmoney has sent out a positive indication.


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