A letter written by Anna Hazare and his team to the main leaders of the Congress, BJP, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party raising question on their choice for tainted candidates in the upcoming assembly elections is in fact, a question of the common man. The answer to this question is essential, however, had the political parties willed so they would have easily avoided such candidates in their lists. Normally, the political parties avoid giving direct answers to such questions and give lame excuses. Sometimes they employ natural justice theory and claim innocence for them until they are proven guilty in the court. And therefore denying them tickets to contest elections would be infringement of their right to contest elections. At other times they argue that the tainted leaders are merely victim of opposition’s wrath. When these two reasons fall short of justifying their candidature they leave it for voters and claim that the voters have the ultimate right to judge the candidates fate. Most of such candidate jump in electoral fray in the name of religion, caste and sub-caste. Their good or bad image hardly matters for the electorate and many such tainted candidates manage to win the elections. This is unfortunate that today elections in Uttar Pradesh are contested purely on the basis of caste and religion. Under such circumstance this becomes even more important that the voters acknowledge this fact and they be more judicious in their choice of representatives. To expect that political parties will do away with their tainted lot is futile. They will not do this till the tainted and corrupt manages to win elections.

Team Anna has raise another question for the Samajwadi party and asked to reply with whom they intent to form the government after the elections? This question becomes important as it’s a general notion that after elections the Samajwadi Party may join hands with the Congress to form government. If this happens, as it seems possible, this would be forgery with the mandate from the electorate. Can there be any bigger contradiction than this, the parties who are deadly opposed to each other during campaign become friends to form a government? Although such alliances are wrapped with silver foil in the name of coalition politics but it is nothing more than political opportunism. The political parties do not get the license to reject the mandate and interpret it for benefit in the name of coalition politics. There is no surprise why the political parties refuse to shunt the tainted leaders and avoid defining the rules of coalition politics. The main reason is that the common man is not vigilant enough for their rights. Now it is to be seen whether questions of Team Anna awaken the electorates or not? If we don’t get a positive reply to this question, the common man will be at loss and so the democracy.