Ahmedabad: Anna Hazare's tirade against corruption has earned him supporters across the nation And it is not anyway different in Gujarat. But only one fault line exists among his supporters in the state and that is Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

Anna supporters are divided into pro an anti-Modi camps ahead of Gandhian’s visit to state. While the pro-Modi camp includes people who see Modi as a symbol of development, the anti-Modi camp is being led by famous dancer Mallika Sarabhai.

While the pro-Modi is suggesting people to be wary of social activists who have caught media attention just because of their glamour quotient, the rival group is using its connection in media to prepare the groundwork for Anna’a awareness campaign. As a result, the hardcore supporters of Anna having no political affiliations are feeling being left out.

The Gujarat leg of the nationwide campaign of Anna Hazare is scheduled for May 26. Around a dozen social organizations have been holding programmes and marches to prepare an anti-corruption consciousness ahead of his Gujarat visit.

The local media is giving lots of coverage to such programmes as several big names are involved with it. But Anna supporters, who observed fast while he caught nation’s attention with his movement at Jantar Mantar, are feeling let down by the entire development.

Accusing the likes of Sarabhai of turning Anna’s campaign in the state into an anti-Modi movement, Chandrakant Barot, one of Anna’s diehard supporters said, “Anna had launched the campaign with a special cause of uprooting corruption, but some people with vested interests are trying to transform the nature of the movement.”

Barot added that such people do not have such popular support as social reformers and their presence is restricted to media alone.

Advising Anna Hazare to be wary of elements in Gujarat who can take advantage of his movement, Barot said that “people with vested interests are trying to score brownie points by portraying the state riddled with corruption which is contrary to the fact that Gujarat has seen all round development”.

People who have been levelling charges of corruption have not been able to prove anything against the Modi government, he asserted.