New Delhi: The Anna Hazare team on Monday hit out at the Government accusing it of giving an inaccurate version of the Civil Society draft on Lokpal and demanded that its version be given equal importance.
In a letter to Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Joint Drafting Committee Co-Chairman Shanti Bhushan took objection to the comparative analysis released by Law Minister M Veerappa Moily and said anyone reading it will be completely in the dark about the provisions of their version on Lokpal.
"This chart does not present Jan Lokpal Bill accurately. Whereas there are inaccuracies at many places, the sections from Jan Lokpal Bill have also not been fully quoted at many other places. Any person reading this chart will be completely in the dark about the provisions of the Jan Lokpal Bill," Bhushan said.
At the Joint Drafting Committee meeting on June 22, he said there was no consensus on a common draft with five members endorsing one version whereas the other five favouring
the second one.
"Therefore, both the drafts enjoy equal importance as far as the outcome of the joint committee is concerned. I would still urge you to treat both the drafts as the outcome of the joint committee," Bhushan said.
The letter came in the backdrop of the government releasing a comparative statement on the drafts prepared by the government side and the Hazare team, which Bhushan alleged that they did not "accurately" present the civil society views.
However, Bhushan said if the government wishes to combine the two in the form of a chart, they can make an attempt to do that but with the concurrence of all members of joint panel.