New Delhi: Training his gun at the Central government, Anna Hazare has urged the Parliamentary Standing Committee, which is studying the Lokpal Bill, to return back the Bill drafted by the government. Expressing his view points, he said the committee will only waste its time by weighing pros and cons of the government draft.

Anna said the Bill, which has been tabled in the Monsoon Session of the Parliament is not worth considering and it would be better not to waste time on it. Anna said the Bill drafted by the government has only befooled people by portraying a rosy picture that the government is also doing enough to fight corruption.

Asserting that the government has done nothing, Anna said the Centre has closed its eyes to the points which he had raised with the Joint Committee during the meetings. So it would be better if it returns the Bill to the Centre by saying that many alterations need to be done in it.

Former Law Minister Shanti Bhushan who accompanied Hazare said, “Government has eliminated the provision of Lokayukt, which is the call of the day. And now it would be difficult for the Parliamentary Committee to add the required provision.” With terming the provision of appointment and removal of the Lokayukt as faulty, Bhushan also advocated for including the government officials, judges, advocates and the Prime Minister under the ambit of the Lokpal.

During the meeting from the Congress party Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Manish Tiwari and Meenakshi Natarajan, BJP's Ram Jethmalani, Vijay Bahadur Singh of BSP, SP’s Shailendra Kumar and RLD’s Lalu Prasad were present.

Representing the Civil Society, Senior Supreme Court advocate Shanti Bhushan and Prashant Bhushan and social activist Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi and Manish Sisodia took part.

(JPN/ Bureau)