New Delhi: Anna Hazare would call of his fast the moment Parliament passes a resolution containing three of his demands or at least table the Janlokpal Bill, a key member of his team said on Friday.

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"He (hazare) has made his position clear that he will break his fast if this minimum demand of at least the resolution containing three things is passed by Parliament or at least table the Janlokpal Bill.  Then he will withdraw the fast,"  Prashan Bhushan, member of Team Anna, said.

"If it is passed today, he will call off the fast immediately," he said.

Bhushan, a lawyer himself, said the resolution approving the three demands of civil society--lower bureaucracy to be brought in the ambit of Lokpal, creation of Lokpal in all the states through a legislation and approval of citizens charter--has to be brought by the government formally.

He said earlier Hazare had said at least table the Janlokpal Bill.  "Now now he has said if you can't table the alright, at least pass a resolution on these three issues which affects the common people of the country, then I can call off the fast while maintaining the right to continue the strike on the issue."

He criticised the government for not bringing a resolution to Parliament to discuss the three key demands of Hazare.

Team Anna favours Lokpal as Constitutional body

Team Anna on Friday termed Rahul Gandhi's speech in the Parliament on Lokpal issue as disappointing but, at the same time, supported his idea of making the anti-corruption authority a constitutional body.

Activist Medha Patkar, who is part of Anna Hazare's core group, said in spite of talking about the broad issue, the Congress General Secretary should have deliberated on the immediate issues raised by the Gandhian, whose fast for a strong Lokpal continued for 11th day.

"Today's urgency and concerns for lakhs and lakhs of people have not been addressed," she said when her reaction was sought on Gandhi's speech.

"He did not comment on the Lokpal Bill that he should have courageously done," Patkar maintained.

However, she welcomed Gandhi's suggestion to make Lokpal a constitutional body like the Election Commission. "I earnestly support it."

Another Team Anna member Kiran Bedi said, "The country is impatient for action and implementation and not a mere well- intentioned long plan on issues pending since independence.

"You climb hills before you reach Mt Everest. Lokpal is a tall hill which will take you to the Everest. Begin and prove the intention," Bedi said.

On Gandhi's observation that Lokpal alone cannot be a substitute for anti-corruption code, former Law Minister Shanti Bhushan said quoting Hazare that one Lokpal will not eradicate corruption in the country, but it will make a beginning.

"Bill for Lokpal does not clash with the constitutional body which Rahul Gandhi is suggesting. It can function even as a constitutional body," he said.

Another Team Anna member Justice Santosh Hegde said Gandhi's suggestion for a constitutional body looks like a "five-year plan".

"Until the constitutional body is established there should be a statutory body to eradicate corruption. If we go on waiting we will have to wait for another 42 years," he said.