The report assumes significance and a certain degree of interest considering the fact that Anna Hazare, in recent times, made it clear that he never branded the popular but controversial Gujarat CM secular and also added that the BJP strongman is not fit to attain the position of Prime Minister.
Hazare, who left for India from New York on Wednesday after a nearly two-week long US trip, reportedly expressed his views during an interaction with the Indian-American community, academicians and think-tanks at an event organized by the Hindu Temple in Delaware on August 20, a reputed American newspaper reported.

"Anna Hazare did not endorse Narendra Modi. Anna said that he did not believe in political parties and since Modi was a member of BJP, a political party, he could not endorse him. When pressed to endorse Modi as an individual, he responded by saying that if Modi leaves the BJP, he would be happy to endorse him," Muqtedar Khan, Associate Professor at the University of Delaware and a Fellow at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, wrote in an American daily.
Anna was not available for comments when approached over phone through his US person of contact. Muqtedar Khan, who moderated the question and answer session at the Delaware event, wrote that for an ethical activist, it was a very political answer.
"Anna was trying to get out of endorsing Modi without offending Modi's supporters. But I suspect he offended the Hindu secularists by not condemning Modi and disappointed Hindu nationalists by not clearly endorsing him," said Khan.
According to Khan, Anna's activism and his stature have put corruption on the national agenda. "I am not sure if his solutions will work, but the awareness and urgency that he is generating could inspire others to come up with more realistic solutions," he wrote.
The reported remarks made by Anna is quite distinct from the other statements of the Gandhian leader on Modi. It needs to be mentioned here that at an event held in the suburb of Washington on August 22, Anna had said neither Narendra Modi nor Rahul Gandhi is fit for becoming the Prime Minister of India.


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