Perth: "Eat to your heart's content, Pay what your heart feels" is the motto of a popular Indian vegetarian restaurant which serves home cooked food to guests, in this western Australian city.

'Annalakshmi', an international chain of restaurants, operating on the busy Swan riverside here has its adage "athithi devo bhava" meaning "the Guest is God".

It is a tribute to the Goddess of Plenty or Abundance, Annalakshmi that it serves visitors with a unique concept of "Eat to your heart's content, Pay what your heart feels".

The restaurant is run as a non-profit organisation is frequented by many Indians and foreigners.

"The food is amazing and everyday the place offers a new menu," an Australian Peter Alan, who comes once in a week, said. "I miss home cooked food, so came here. Food is superb," a visiting journalist to Perth said.

The food, cooked by a group of women, mother and grand mother, is a mix of south Indian and north Indian delicacies, Arun Kumar, Manager of the Annalakshmi said.

At Annalakshmi, the food is prepared and served with love and the undiminished notion of service to humanity. The volunteers, around 10-15, strive to touch the hearts of the guests, he added.

The volunteers are from all walks of life, Kumar said, adding many of them include foreigners also.

Many Indian students, who come here to study, also participate in the everyday working at the Annalakshmi, he said. Sushma Paul, former honorary consul of India for Western Australia, also cooked food at the Annalakshmi, he said.

First started in Malaysia in 1984, Annalakshmi has branches in Australia, Singapore and India.

It is guided by the inspiration of a monk, Swami Shantananda, disciple of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, who left India and founded it as the Indian vegetarian restaurant, in Malaysia.

The dining is a large buffet and accentuated with Indian art and handicrafts, and occasional classical dance and music performances.