New Delhi: Social activist Anna Hazare’s fourth protest during the last six months against the Centre for bringing effective Jan Lokpal did not lose support from the general public.

Albeit, this is for the first time when men-in-khadi barring Congress leaders have clubbed hands with Anna in full public view to raise their voice for an effective Lokpal mechanism.

Certainly it was the changing face of Indian democracy which had emerged on the surface on the occasion of 100th anniversary of Delhi.

Anna’s agitation over Lokpal without a doubt has drawn the attention of political leaders.

The uniqueness of the stir can be gauged from the fact that leaders of different political parties shared the apolitical dais with Anna. Later they equivocally refused to accept the government version of the Lokpal. The entire exercise gave a new political meaning to the protest.

Undoubtedly, they were adamant over the issue. Therefore, public debate could not stretch longer. But the mixed reactions from the people over the provisions of the Lokpal attested the public opinion against corruption.

The perception broke that public support for Lokpal is on the wane. The overwhelming support could be seen from Jantar Mantar to Ashok Road intersection.

Alike Ramlila Maidan, the crowd remained peaceful during the Gandhian’s campaign. While enthusiasm filled the environment, the masses did not resort to any derogatory or sarcastic act.

During Anna’s first protest at Jantar Mantar, the public had curiosity to know about the Lokpal, while they expressed their anger at the second protest at Rajghat.

Anshuman Tiwari/JPN