New Delhi: The mounting pressure from his old colleagues forced the ailing social activist Anna Hazare to keep himself away from the campaign against the Congress in five poll-bound states. A prominent industrialist, who has long association with the veteran social activist, is said to be instrumental in Anna’s decision to take back anti-Congress stand in the assembly elections.

After admitting to Pune-based Sancheti Hospital, emotional pressure has been mounted on him to revert back his decision of waging anti-Congress campaign. An automobile company owner, who hails from Pune, has been accompanying him since he was admitted to the hospital on December 31.

Sancheti hospital founder KH Sancheti and Parag Sancheti have deeep-rooted relations with Anna. All the well-wishers have requested the crusader to cancel his visits and take rest to improve his ailing health.

According to sources, Anna Hazare, who underwent a week-long treatment for an acute bronchitis in a city hospital, will be discharged on Sunday.

Hazare was admitted to Sancheti hospital on December 31 after he developed a chest infection that led to bronchitis. He is doing well and has started his regular bicycle exercise in the hospital room, sources said.

Hazare is expected to drive straight to Ralegan Siddhi after his discharge from hospital.