New Delhi: The overwhelming public support to the Anna Hazare movement will bring a wind of change in the nation, says noted social activist Medha Patkar. The main protagonist of Narmada Bachao Andolan Patkar met Hazare in Tihar jail on Wednesday. 

Excerpts from her conversation with Dainik Jagran:

Question: During the meeting, what was Anna’s message to you and the people?
Answer: Anna is a person of few words. He was not in the best of health and was having rest. He was weak and suffering from high blood pressure. Now, this issue is not just limited to the Jan Lokpal Bill but will lay the milestone for what must be the people’s contribution in deciding policies. Anna’s fast will decide the course of future movements to be based on non-violence.

Question: What has been the nature of Anna team’s deliberations with the administration?
We are not in direct talks with any senior officials. We are just dealing with the police officials regarding administration. At present our focus is on the venue and the nature of Anna’s fast. Our immediate aim is on launching Anna’s hunger strike. We want the administration to give permission for Anna’s fast in the Ramlila Maidan and to provide the basic facilities of water, tent and cleanliness. Only after we are done with these things, we will raise the issue of Jan Lokpal.

Question: Had you expected such an enormous public support to the movement?
Answer: We had expected support from people but the manner in which there has been a nationwide protest, it depicts the common man’s desperation and hopes.

This also shows that the people want to participate in the constitutional process of dealing with corruption. There are political leaders too in Anna’s support who are not participating with their party names but are expressing their support with the national tricolor.