Jaipur: Is Bhanwari Devi still alive? This is the question which is giving sleepless nights to Rajasthan police who is still clueless about her whereabouts.

The Jodhpur police have received an anonymous letter that claims Bhanwari Devi, a nurse who is missing for almost a month, is being kept hostage by a politician in Haryana.

The writer of the letter has not disclosed his/her identity but claims that he/she is very close to the people who planned Bhanwari’s abduction. The letter also claims that a thick political conspiracy is the reason behind the abduction.

The sender has claimed that Bhanwari was first taken to Nagore instead of Sikar, as suspected by the police. From Nagore, she was taken to the residence of a powerful minister in Haryana, whose name has been revealed in the postcard letter.

Earlier the police were speculating that Bhanwari was taken to Sikar after her abduction where she was handed over to a gang based in Uttar Pradesh.

Sources say the letter also has the names of the people behind the abduction. It also has the name of the Haryana leader who currently is holding Bhanwari in captivity.

However, the Jodhpur police have refused to comment on the letter. The police will hand over the letter to the CBI which is currently investigating the case. It is expected that the CBI will register the abduction case in Delhi.

Bhanwari had disappeared on September 1 after a CD floated up, allegedly showing her in objectionable position with Mahipal Maderna, a minister in Rajasthan government. Her husband filed a police report against Maderna for abduction, rape and murder.

The news headlines of Bhanwari being alive and under detention of a Haryana leader has created a sensation in Haryana. The Haryana police have issued directions to all Superintendents of Police in the state to launch search operations in their districts.