Indore: Three months after baby Falak’s brutal abuse and subsequent death in the AIIMS hospital which has shaken our collective conscience in nurturing girl children, a similar case of horrific signs of abuse has come to the fore in Indore.

Nobody could put a blind eye on seeing the 11 cigarette burns and multiple fractures on different parts of the body of 18-month-old baby Shireen, who has been recently admitted to a hospital in Indore.

The barbarity meted out to Shireen could well be gauged from the fact that her hands bear the marks of multiple fractures and bruises.

Baby Shireen was brought to the hospital by her mother, Zarina, whose lover reportedly abused the toddler for weeks.

The doctors, however, attending to Shireen says, the baby's life is not in danger. Like Falak, Shireen has battered baby syndrome, as per TV reports.

It is to be noted that Baby Falak had died in March after being treated for serious physical abuse at Delhi's AIIMS hospital.

Zarina separated earlier from her husband; the couple had three children; including Shireen. She then ran away with a man named, Wahid to Ajmer.

He reportedly abused her children and forced Zarina into prostitution. She, however, managed to escape with her children and returned to Indore this week after which she took her children to the hospital.

Acting on the complaint, the police have arrested Wahid.

“It is pathetic to say that such kind of persons exist in our society. No sane person could do this kind of brutal abuse to children,” social activist Ranjan Kumari said.

Suchitra Kalyan Mohanty/ JPN

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