Once again, the government’s failure to track black money has compelled the Supreme Court to spring into action. Taking into account the clumsy progress in the investigation of the black money case, the Apex Court has asked the government to consider setting up of Special Investigation Team (SIT) to probe the case. Why don’t the policy-makers feel the same way as the Supreme Court does about the black money case which has agitated the nation? The Supreme Court has concluded that a single department cannot investigate financial scam. Therefore, it has asked the government to consider setting up an SIT comprising officers from different departments including the Enforcement Directorate, the CBI and the Income Tax to look into it. This recommendation becomes all the more conspicuous in light of the investigation by the Enforcement Directorate in the black money case.  The way till now, ED has failed to initiate any strong action against the infamous Pune stud farm owner and alleged tax evader Hasan Ali Khan; it would be foolish to expect any concrete investigative result in future. The I-T Department too has given ample proof of loose investigation in Hasan Ali’s case. Because of this it becomes imperative to place the to-be-constituted SIT under the supervision of the Supreme Court, the way it is being done in case of 2G Spectrum scam. It is disappointing to know that even after repeated slamming by the Apex Court, the ruling government does not seem eager to act. With the widespread use of black money in Indian economy and the alleged notion of black money driving the Indian politics, it has become crucial for the Central government to issue a White Paper on the comprehensive trade of black money. Till now, this is not clear as to how black money is being earned and deposited in international banks? As such, the countrymen can only make an assumption of the great amount of black money being deposited in international banks.

The contribution from tax evasion in the ongoing parallel economy of black money is very limited. Actually, black money trade is indicative of plunder of national wealth. This loot is taking place due to the Central government’s lack of will-power to stop it. The statements issued by the government to thwart corruption and black money do not match with its conduct at all. Several evidences have come to the fore till now to support this stance. The main proof is the constant reminder of its responsibilities in context with the loot of national wealth by the Supreme Court. Irrespective of the ruling government’s claim, the common people are forced to conclude that our policy-makers do lack the essential tools required to tame corrupt elements. The refusal of the Central government to show any sign of strict action against corruption has failed to halt the various scams surfacing and bring the black money trade to a standstill.