The Chief Ministers’ meet held in New Delhi once again proved to be a futile effort towards strengthening internal security of the country as the Centre was yet again pulled up by non-Congress ruled states for infringing on their rights. It is surprising that the meeting was called to discuss terrorism, Naxalism and police reforms but the issue of National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) reverberated in the entire meet. The reason behind this is rather perplexing as the state governments had initially opposed the idea of discussing the NCTC in the meet and had called for a separate sitting to discuss the issue which was agreed upon by the Centre. When a meet on the NCTC is already scheduled for next month, why was then this matter raked up in the Chief Ministers’ meet. Why do only the non-Congress ruled states oppose to the NCTC? No matter what the answer is, but the common man feels that there is a lack of political will in tackling internal security. Such situation only bolsters the confidence of those who pose a threat to the nation’s security.

It is worrisome that the Centre which is appealing to state governments for better coordination in order to tackle terrorism and Naxalism lacks the cooperation. If the propositions made by some of the states are to be believed, the NCTC is against the federal structure of the country. They are also opposed to some of the legislation regarding the Border Security Force (BSF) and Railway Protection Force (RPF). Certain demands of the state governments opposing the NCTC are genuine but how did they forget that a separate meeting had been called to discuss NCTC? Whatever the fact is, both the Centre and the states are to be blamed for their differences. On one hand the Centre before taking important decisions has failed to take the state governments into confidence, on the other the states seem to be extra cautious towards their rights.  The state governments want to seek all kinds of help from the Centre, but they are not willing to implement it in a proper manner. The Centre’s stubbornness is also one of the factors responsible for cutting this sorry picture. There is no hesitation in saying that the issue of internal security has been put on the backburner for petty political gains.